My mother was born in Mississippi. To get through the hard times of working in the fields, everyone would gather around the kitchen where stories were being told and the aroma of delicious chocolate cakes, custard pies, steamed collard greens, and candied yams would be cooking. A delicious meal was prepared to nurture, bring comfort and make everyone feel better. While bringing that tradition to the Midwest, she continued cooking delicious meals, (teaching me how to cook as well) everyone would be in the kitchen telling stories, whereas the aromas would be so comforting and uplifting, it just made you feel so good.

Because my mother enjoyed natural products, she would grow her own vegetables and planted a plum tree in the city. She would make her own beauty products, such as face masks using aloe vera and egg whites, olive oil and egg yolks for hair conditioner. She loved and would always wear nail polish (even marked her keys with polish) her dresser would be filled with bottles of polish. I would use the same mask and conditioner for my face and hair. I wore a lot of her nail polish as well but wasn't so crazy about the smell. I've always wanted to start my own cosmetic line.

Later in life I went to massage therapy school. After becoming a massage therapist it was required that we couldn't wear nail polish because it was possibly hazardous to clients. I then started making my own natural products just like my mother. I made body sprays, lotions and scrubs using aromatherapy/essential oils. After years of practicing massage therapy due to physical health reasons I had to give it up. I knew it was now time for me to work on my line. I decided to start out with the one product both my mom and I love, nail polish. I wanted an organic polish that would be uplifting, comforting and smell good.  Thank you mama for being a sweet inspiration.

 We take the extra step to make sure our products do not contain harmful ingredients such as Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor, and Dibutyl Phthalates. We want our customers to feel beautiful when wearing our scented nail paint. We also want to evoke aromatic memories of good times with the scents in our nail paint.

The beautiful colors and fragrant scents inspired our color and scent combinations. Enjoy the beauty of our deep blue nail paint, while experiencing the aroma of Blueberry Pie. Our soft violet nail paint will take you to whimsical thoughts of Fields of Lavender. Our decadent brown will satiate the deep desires and cravings of Chocolate. Let the Quality be your Guide. 


Marsha Campbell

Emma Jean Cosmetics