I don't smell the scent as soon as I open the bottle?

You can enjoy the fragrance of the nail paint after it has dried.


How long does the fragrance last?

The average is 48-72 hours.  Some customers have reported the scent lasting a week.


Will the fragrance remain after a clear top coat is applied?



Will the fragrance remain if applied over a base coat?



What does "VEGAN" really mean?

We do not use  any animal-derived ingredients (including Lanolin, Beeswax, or Carmine) in our products, and we don't feel it is necessary.  We understand animal products can affect allergies and lifestyle choices.


What does "5 free" mean?

Emma Jean Cosmetics scented nail paints do not include formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toulene, dibutyl phthlates, camphor, parabens, rosin, or xylene.  We know that's more than five.


Smells Yummy, can I eat/taste it?

No.  Our scented nail paints are not edible and should not be ingested.


Do you ship overseas?

Not at this time.   There are strict regulations regarding how nail polish can be shipped.  Overseas certain shipping laws state it is no longer legal to ship polish within their countries.  Should the items be x-rayed there is the possibility they could be seized and destroyed, and Emma Jean Cosmetics can not provide replacements for seized products.


Anything else I should know?

Our scented nail paints are approved for application to the nails only. Not for use on the face or body. Contents are flammable in their liquid state - do not apply near heat or open flame.